Wednesday, January 19, 2011


                                                       This is blog number 3.

                                Yes, I know, I must be crazy!!!

But, this will be a very simple blog, a chronicle of my days, each day for the rest of the year, in one photograph.

Since I am starting this a bit late - I should have titled the blog  365 minus 18!!

Giving credit, where credit is due,  I got the idea from my bloggy friend Michelle, who has done this for the last year.It's quite interesting.

Also found here, at least thru the end of January, will be a "daily stone", inspired by the blog "a river of stones"

                     Being a collector of river rocks, stones,and other nature detritus,and an amateur wordsmith,  I thought this most appropos
                                                              for me!

A stone is just a thought for the day, maybe something profound, or more than likely NOT, that comes to mind, and will be posted here.

So,  here it is, a simple blog, I hope you will follow-  let's see if I can keep up....................................


The simple act of contact and conversation is sometimes all that is needed to spur on inspiration.


  1. i like how you've put the two ideas/ photo+"stone" together....might have to begin this as well. thanks! ...for SPURRING INSPIRATION!

  2. Great, great! I'm sure the documentation of your life in photos will be interesting! And it's great challenge! I will be watching it! Have a great time and great year!

  3. congrats on another of luck to ya Pat
    you are so good with words and photos

  4. Dear Pat,

    Congratulations! I like the idea of a daily entree and it will be interesting to see where things will lead.

    I did not know you were also a stone collector and so this will mean you and I will need to have a talk.

    Warmest regards,

  5. Pat you are so articulate in this collaboration of word and image...the connection is so often not recognized and then totally overlooked. Imagine and Live in Peace, Mary Helen Fernandez Stewart

  6. A great idea for a blog and a beautiful image to start!