Wednesday, February 2, 2011

February 2

                                                             becoming but a memory
                                                  as rain and fog move in
                                            obscuring any satellite connections
                                         to my already sketchy computer service



  1. I'm loving your blog. This photo and others of yours would make lovely watercolors too. I have started another blog as well. I have gathered all of my small stones in one place there and continue to write them. My photos are just ones I have already. I plan on getting out and taking new ones to fit my small stones that I write. Hope you visit. The link is and is also on my regular blog. Hope you are staying warm up there!

  2. now that would make me crazyi, tooo.......we had the big blizzard. just a normal early february blizzard thing ...

  3. Hello from sunny CA. I enjoy reading your blog. I am not trapped in my house by snow and ice, but rather by bad air and smog. I never know when I will be exposed to bad allergens. I am 70 yrs old and I can not seem to get over allergy attacks as fast as I once did. My body does not know that the allergens are not bad viruses and bacteria that make me sick, so my body goes in kill this creature mode. Allergens are not killed by my immune system, but I get sick just the same.